Min uppväxt - Söderbacka ca 1950
My childhood home in Hajom built in 1872

In the autumn of 2013, I started my genealogy research. Previously one had to visit an archive, later also library, and read the micro photographed documents, etc. Nowadays you can sit at your computer and get access to different sources. Most can be found on the Internet, even pictures of tombstones in the USA!

It is primarily my wife Eva-Britt’s and my families that I have looked at. The eldest I´ve found is Anders Erichsson in Kalfshult, Sätila. He was born in 1624 and he was called ”the old man in Kalfshult”. Anders was Eva-Britt’s grandmother’s grandfather’s grandfather’s great great grandfather! He died March 25, 1714 in Kalfshult, Sätila, unaware that he would be mentioned more than 300 years later in something called the internet… The eldest on my side is Lars Ohlsson in Askersered, Hajom. He was born in 1664 and was my father’s grandmother’s great great grandmother’s grandfather!

In some cases, where there is more information I have set it in context and made small stories of the data. The complete genealogy, which includes more than 1800 names and up to twelve generations, is available on Ancestry. Most people in our family are related to agriculture and forestry. And it is not surprising. Almost 80% of the Swedish population was mainly employed in agriculture during the 1700-1800’s. Today, the proportion is below one per cent of total employment!