About Peranders Johansson

I was born in 1946 in Mark Municipality in Västergötland. After graduating in Borås and having finished my military service at I 15 in Borås I started my university studies in Lund. A bachelor of science with Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Statistics was completed before I started my training in dentistry.  Parallel to my university studies, I also trained as a reserve officer.

As a new dentist I worked for over four years in the public dental service in Jönköping County including dentist/clinic manager in Småland Burseryd and as a hospital dentist in Värnamo. In late 1979, I opened my own practice in Smålandsstenar.

In 1985 I was elected for the County Council for the Conservatives in Jönköping County. In connection with the 1994 election, I got the confidence to become Councilor. Between  2007 – 2011 I was chairman of the County Council.

I have also served as Chairman of the Conservative Provincial Federation in Jönköping County for a number of years.

In 2014 I was assigned the Party decorations – Gösta Bohman Medal (number 86)

Since September 2011 I live in Lomma, a fantastic place! Now I have got time to devote myself to family life, take lovely walks around the ponds and along the coast and study family history, etc.

Since 1969 I am married  to Eva-Britt and we have three sons. Fredrik is an associate professor at Lund University and has a PhD in nanotechnology, Anders is an engineer and works as a Product Manager at IT company Axis of Lund and Tobias has an MBA and works as a Web Analyst (global) at IKEA.

I  also have five wonderful grandchildren: Filippa, Fabian, Felix, Elliot and Noah.